Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flowers, ribbons, sparkle sparkle? Yep, I have been busy!

Just some items I have been working on in the last few months.  Lots of hand sewing for sure, but I think they look pretty cute.  They'll be boxed up and hopefully I will be able to approach some shops here in the next few weeks/months..  *sigh*  =)


Sequins and beads on top of a black satin wrapped headband

Pink silk flower on a straw base comb

Silk flower on a straw base comb
White silk flower on a straw base comb.  Lovely for the bride!

Handrolled sinamay flower on a sinamay base

Hand rolled sinamay flower on a sinamay base.  I found this vintage sparkly silver button in a cute little shop in London

Beaded flowers which have been individually sewn on a sinamay base.  So sweet and just great for the bride!

Large fuschia sinamay hat with petersham ribbon and silver 'pearls'

Bronze studs on sinamay base hat

Silver 'pearl' beads on a royal blue sinamay base hat

Approx 9cm width.. Side by side...

Till next time!