Friday, October 26, 2012

Do you up sell or down sell yourself?

I've been busy since I came back from Paris.  Enjoying meeting new people in different meetups and catching up with old friends which I've made this year and eating out.

I was at a tea party yesterday, and someone asked a girl, let's call her Miss G..  so, Miss G, what do you do?  Her reply?  I'm a programmer, a graphic artist and a jewellery maker.  I was stunned at first, then amused, then I had to admire her.  Two thumbs up for you, Miss G!

That my dears are definitely up selling yourself.  She's been a programmer for 10 years, but just started learning how to be a graphic artist online just a month or so ago, and a jewellery maker?  I can make jewellery too, but I've never ever called myself a jewellery maker.  Just like I make fascinators, but I would never call myself a milliner as I think those titles should be reserved to those with a certification, or am I just being a snob?

Growing up with my upbringing I guess I'm so used to my own mother backhanded any compliments aimed at me.  When so and so praised me, I always get a put down reply from my mother.

For example, I loved to read, always burying myself in any books I could lay my hands onto.  It's my way of coping and living somebody elses' adventures and lives.  I'm always reading ever since I could remember, back in year 1 up till university years.

I remembered when I was in primary school, someone said, wow, your daughter sure loves reading and my mum's reply?  No, she doesn't, she just likes to carry a book and pretend to read and when you ask her about the story, she wouldn't be able to tell you what the story is about.  I think that's when I started having a hard time expressing myself, and typically, she'll turn around and go, so, what's the story about?  I'll be stunned and my mind blanked and a panic will set it.  This is how I have never been able to express myself.  Thanks mum, you really fucked up my life!  Now, I still can't tell you what a book is about after reading it, but only after a few prompters, I might be able to.

I realised how I'm always down selling myself whenever I get the 'So, what do you do?'  My answer lately has been 'Nothing really, just plodding along'.  After hearing Miss G's reply, it was a huge kick to my rear end.

My answer next time?  No, I'm not working at the moment, but I enjoy making hats and hair accessories and trying to start up a business here.  I adore making headbands, hairclips and such for children and fascinators for adults.  I could make them for special occasions, weddings, parties or just day to day.  Would you like one? ;)

Happy Autumn everyone and keep those chins lifted high!  We are all winners!

p/s On a positive note?  I'm volunteering at the Stockholm Film Festival.. as a photographer.. hehe

This dessert was from Restaurang China (where we go for our peking duck dose on half price Mondays) where I managed to pig out with a huge dinner and dessert after having an afternoon tea.  I ate from 4pm until midnight!!  It's so unusual as I've never had them before.  The dish comes hot (with a bowl of cold water on the side).  You dump the whole thing into the cold water, then eat them.. It's piping hot, crunchy (from the crystalized caramel) and sweet and soft as the inside is soft apple

First snow last night on the street outside our apartment, and it's only October..  I guess we'll be looking at an extremely cold and harsh winter this year!  EEEEK!!! hehe =)