Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Road Trip - Summer 2011 (Salzburg, Austria)

From Munich..  We drove to Salzburg (I think I was sleeping most of the way ;) )  The hills are alive... With the sound of Music... anyone?!

We stayed here for 3 nights and rain kept following us during our trip.  Our first evening there was to attend a Mozart Dinner Concert (3 course dinner) at Stiftskeller St Peters, which claims to be the oldest restaurant in Europe - even the Mozart's family had dinner there! The four of us got our own private table (thank gawd, as I would hate to share a table and pretend fake chit chats with some strangers..)

The concert is performed in three parts.  They were all dedicated to some of Mozart's famous operas and were performed before each course of meal.  They were Don Giovanni, Le Nozze Di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) & Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (A little Night Music).  These bring back some fond memories of when I was studying piano and having to learn by heart some of Mozart's written works (for my theory exams) back during my childhood!

This will be a long post, but if you are still keen to read and be blinded by more pictures, please click:

Hello!  It's me! 
S & his parents

Picture on the ceiling

The Baroque Hall
The string ensemble and one of the male opera singer

The performers
After the performance of Don Giovanni, which was lighthearted, but slightly confusing as there were only 2 opera singers and the male was playing 2 different parts,  we finally got to devour our 1st course:
Entree - Cream of Riesling with Venus Mussels and Crayfish.  Slightly lukewarm, but really delicious - creamy and yummy little critters swimming in there
Then we sat listening to The Marriage of Figaro before being rewarded with the main course:

Main - Fillet of beef with creamy polenta and zucchini-sherry-tomato-compote and portwine glace

The beautiful ceiling again
 Last but not least, the dessert:

Desser -  Not too sure what it's called..

It's some sort of egg like pastry, like meringue but not quite, served with berries compote.  Wasn't really to my liking - too sweet and too egg-y!

On our 2nd day we did a city and boat tour, where we were driven around the city and were pointed out different landmarks of Salzburg..  After finishing the bus and boat tour, we were left to explore the city by ourselves...

Stopped by a lake

and watched a father and son fed some ducks

So peaceful and calm

Going past some more scenic routes
Add caption

And finally a boat cruise around, where we were told the residence of one side of the bank were lots richer than the other bank

Walking towards the famous Mirabell Garden & Park 
Entrance to the park

Found a photographer just round the corner! =D

The fountain, and the HK Children's choir in the background (The Salzburg Music Festival were on when we were there)

Pegasus Fountain which is made of copper

He was featured in "The Sound of Music" where Maria and the von Trapp children sang "DoReMe"

Walking towards our hotel

Another church


Passing past the garden

Mozart's Birth House - which we entered, but were not allowed to take any pictures.

Christian Doppler!  (If you like The Big Bang Theory!!) - The Doppler Effect, remember??

Mozart's Residential Home which is now the museum

Clock Tower

Doing a bit of shopping around the shopping district - My swan teapot and cup & saucer set is in there! Yay!

Lederhosen - the short or long??  This is the German's traditional leather breeches.  So cute!

Cathedral Square - The Salzburg Music Festival was starting on the day we arrived

Getreidegasse - Known as Grain Lane is a busy shopping district located in the old town

Man playing on the didjeridoo, pretty good too!

St Peter's Abbey - One of the oldest monasteries in the German speaking area 

Inside St Peter's Abbey

A group of performers performing during the Salzburg Music Festival

Hohensalzburg Castle - Festung Hohensalzburg (German), literally "High Salzburg Fortress", definitely a must to get up there as the view of the city is absolutely breathtaking

Catching the cable up up to the fortress

Arriving to the top

Magnificient view of the city

Cable car below

View from the fortress

More views

Climbing up to get into the fortress

We went in, lots of exhibitions about the fortress to read and see

I like this view, as there were drawings on the window showing what buildings were what


Coming back down in the cable car

Wheeeee!!!  Are those my hands?  Then who took this picture???  I thought I did.. hmmmm

A street performer

He seems to be floating in the air.  How cool is that?!
Past my tea shop, where I got my fabulous Franz teapot set!!  I have to take a picture of it soon!

The famous Mozart Chocolates!