Sunday, August 28, 2011

Road Trip - Summer 2011 (Munich, Germany)

I've been back in Stockholm for nearly a week, and am slowly fixing and uploading my travel photos.  There's the trip to Asia in October (Singapore/Melaka/Kuala Lumpur/Penang and Seoul) and of course our most recently summer trip in Europe which lasted around 2 weeks.

It was a memorable trip as Sean and his parents were there as well.  Imagine a road trip, hours driving from one city to another and just the four of us in the car.  Me?  I spent most of my time either sleeping or eating.  Shocking, but this sure proves I can sleep anywhere! =)

I arrived back at Stockholm at the end of July (approximately 39 hours flight, stopping over in HK to change plane and again in Heathrow before arriving in Stockholm) and stayed for 2 nights before flying to Munich where we spent two nights.

This is my story.

Our first meal in Munich - Yep!  Golden archers, you have done it again! ;)
Snapping away at the back of the hired car...

Our trip from the airport to our hotel took around 2 hours, that's just one of our shorter trips during this trip!

Chinese Beer Garden, which was near our Hilton Hotel

Garden surrounding

Garden surrounding

Small or big?!

Meat or more meat with your golden liquid?

Kransky anyone?!

Crackling pork....

Bagel Eyes

The next day we drove to one of Munich's famous tourist spot - Neuschwanstein Castle (Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty castle was actually based on this castle) which means "New Swan Stone Castle".  It was originally built by King Ludwig II who was a fan of Richard Wagner's music.  Hence, Ludwig named this castle after one of his opera's - The Swan Knight.  King Ludwig II never actually grew up and lived his childhood dreams by building this fairytale castle.  

He suffered from hallucinations and neglected the matter of state.  Unfortunately he never enjoyed the throne room, which he was going to build a throne in there.  Hence the throne room is currently without a throne.   He was removed from power by a mystery death, which was deemed suicide at that time.  

The view of the castle is magnificent.  Imagine this during the winter, with snow capped peaks...  Fairytale no?  The inside truly looks like a fairytale castle, but unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures in there

What impressed me was one of the rooms which was dedicated wholely to the swans.  There were pictures of swans everywhere, and even the handles of the doors were of swans...
Journey on the road

A house on the way..

The castle from afar

We stopover on the roadside to take pictures of the castle, and Sean was not impressed with me..  Tee hee
We had to drive to Fussen, a popular tourist town, but unfortunately, we were not allowed to drive all the way up to the castle.  We parked and had to purchase a ticket (the queue was ridiculously long and we were given time slots of when we could enter the castle with a tour guide).  From Fussen, we then had to either walk up the hill (approximately 15 - 20 minutes walk) or catch the bus or horse drawn carriages.  We opted for the walk (*pants*) while Sean's parents took the horse drawn carriage..
Stopover to purchase tickets to enter the castle 

The town

Views on the way up the hill

View of the castle peeking at us

Close up, it didn't really look that impressive.  Tall yes, but seriously it' looks dull (boy was I wrong when I went in)

Compound of the castle

View of the bridge from the castle

The other Ludwig castle