Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinner at Lux Stockholm...

Hello!  I had a lovely dinner last night.  There were 6 of us and I was a tag-along but nevertheless, the atmosphere was lovely and the food were quite interesting.  We had the summer menu which consists of 6 - 7 degustation meals.  The meals came with matching wine, but unfortunately for me, I had to opt out..  Me + alcohol = zonked out!  

The meals came out promptly.  Each dish was promptly delivered less than 10 minutes after the last plate has been cleared.  The dishes were small, but still quite filling (and so many!!) as I was bursting by the end of it.  We started at about 7 something in the evening and left about midnight.  That's a lot of indulging!


Summer Menu:  1175SEK
with beverages:  1930SEK

Loving the interior....

They have a long table set up in the middle of the room and some food preparation were done there
The appetizer came out in no time
Spinach, cream cheese and lumpback roe all in an edible cone
Deep in thoughts or just posing?!
Ain't he cute? =)  I know, I'm bias!!
Fresh bread roll with two different types of butter.   One is slightly sweet (I think it's goat cheese) and the other is plain good creamy cow butter!
Not too sure what this is, but it's creamy and salty with bits of anchovies on top I think
These cute little potato balls were an accompaniment
The first course - Juniper-smoke scallops with lightly fried mackerel & rainbow trout with picked cucumber lumpfish roe and squid.  Deeeeelicious!!  So fresh and perfect start to our meal!  
Dill spiced crayfish and shrimp west coast with garden carrots and ginger
This is interesting but not to my liking.  The carrots were crushed carrots (icy cold!!) and they were served on top of a block of ice.  Was too weird for my liking and the seafood were too salty.. 
Warm sourdough bread with 2 different types of butter
When this bowl came out, I thought  YAY!!  Finally, a proper big meal, but when the bowl sat in front of me, I realised, hey, the portion is tiny!!
Charcoal roast mutton served with braised shoulder, duck, carrot and roasted onion.  Sprinkled on top were some summer truffles.  - Definitely one of the better dish, although again, slightly too salty
Something to cleanse our palatte - Crushed ice and cucumber and sprinkled with too much salt.  Yuck!!  Was way too salty!
Horseradish spicy fish (not sure what type) with slightly (waaay too salty) salted cucumber, fennel salad, dill sauce and pickled rhubarb. - Not too keen!  Too salty and one of the shrimps were too fishy.  The presentation was a bit weird as well..
Home grown tomato puree shot 
With a single coriander stalk...  LOL
Roasted duck breast and crispy leg with salted pork, radish, jerusalem artichoke puree and butter fried crepe
Definitely my favourite dish!  The duck was so tender and the skin is so crispy..  Gawjus!!
A glimpse of what's to come.  The other table's dessert!  Looks yummy!
Warm creamy goat cheese with shortcrust cake, beetroots and onion dressing.  Served warm, the goat cheese is slightly strong and by now I was so full, I was not enjoying this dish at all... 
Pictures taken on my iPhone.. Hence the yellow tinge!! 
Finally proper sorbet to cleanse our palette!  Mint sherbet with extra extra sour blackcurrants..  Quite refreshing..
Finally!!  Dessert!! - Strawberries and parfait with sour milk and elderberry sorbet vanilla flavoured cherry tomato and crisp
Sweet and sour..  Just gorgeous.   One of my favourite dish!
Accompanied by warm custard filled little donuts and petit madeleine 
To be shared in another paper cone 
Check out our lollipops!  Not sure what the purple one is but the rounded lollipop with  green stripes is mint lolly/candy! 
From left to right:  jellied flavoured carrot, some sort of dark chocolate, parsley chocolate and chocolate covered parsnip

When the melted goat cheese arrived, I was too full to fully enjoy it and did not finish the dish, but when dessert arrived, I polished every single drop.  It's true when they say "You are never too full for dessert!"

Overall pretty enjoyable, although like any typical Swedish food, they tend to be quite salty.  The waiters were friendly and took the trouble to advise you what dishes & wine you will be having (and where the ingredients came from) before each meal is delivered to you.

Bon Apetit!