Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vanity.. Vanity is my middle name.. Or is it denial?

How many of us women buy clothes that are too small, in the hope that we will lose weight and fit into them?


Keep all our clothes, even though we have piled on weight and in no way will lose those weight anytime soon? Or just hoping that miraculously we will somehow fit into those clothes somehow... 

Yep! I'm guilty on both accounts!  As a woman in my mid 30s I've come to realized that clothes that looked good on me in my 20s, wouldn't necessary mean that they suit me anymore. Hint: I'm talking about those short skirts and low cut tops.  Never mind that my hips and tights have expanded beyond recognition .

I know a few women in my live who fall into my vanity book.  Why? Why do we keep tormenting ourselves about sizes.  Why do we keep grasping at straws, at our past hoping we will somehow miraculously lose those weight we have steadily gained while still eating the same amount and type of food we have consumed in the last few years?!

I don't care what other people would say. Some people might call it Denial.. Me? I insist it's all down to vanity.  It's vanity that have one slip into a too tight dress to a wedding, while wearing a wonder bra in the already unbreathable dress which caused friction.  "The dress is 2 years old and I can still fit in it!!" By the end of the night resulted in an awful looking blister. That my dear, is what you will remember of the wedding party! Not the beautiful bride and groom.  Not the food.  Not all the beautiful new people you have made.. But that huge blister which had you running to the doctor to check it out.. That my dear friend is .. Vanity! ;)

In the meantime, I will continue to hide my 2 sizes too small dresses and tops at the back of my wardrobe.. You'll never know! I could still lose all these weight I've slowly accumulated in the last few years.

Now, if you would excuse me, I think my jar of cookies are calling me...