Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is it spring yet?

Today, the sun was shining oh so brightly... and since I've been home and haven't ventured out for the last few days, I thought, gee, what a lovely day for a walk today...  Beautiful spring day in Stockholm, right?

So, I decided to do a little walk to a friend's house which my GPS on iPhone is telling me only take 8 minutes to walk.  Weird, as it also shows public transport takes about 12 minutes.

So, at approximately 5.27pm, I wore a pair of jeans, a short sleeve top, and after a second thought, threw on a thin cardigan and to top it off a goose down vest.  Wore my favourite winter boots and decided to throw a scarf on at the last minute.

Hoping I wouldn't look ridiculous and that it wouldn't be too warm with my gear, I ventured outside.  Hmm..  Sun is shining really brightly.  Walked a block down, and noticed most people walking past were bundled up snugly.  Hat and gloves were on.

Then, the wind hit.  It was bone chilling and instantly cut through my thin cardigan.  I hesitate a moment, but continued my journey..  Afterall it's supposed to be just freaking 8 minutes walk...

Walked and stopped a couple of times at apartment doorways, trying to adjust my scarf and keep my neck and ears warm.  Walked a bit more, and made some turnings and had to duck into one of the retro shop as I was freezing and shivering from the piercingly cold wind.  Wandered for about 5 minutes to keep my blood circulating and decided to continue my journey, which didn't last long.  Again, I had to duck into Coop this time, just to purchase a bag of Lindt chocolate as a 'visiting' gift. (That's the asian in me again where we have to bring something when visiting people's houses)

OMG... The next 15 or so minutes walking ...  was...  a.... torture....  I was so cold and a headache was developing as my ears and head were stinging, and not to mention my hands which I tried keeping warm in my pockets, they were turning a raw red!

Thankfully, I finally arrived at my friend's apartment just after 6pm.  Yep!  The walk took over 1/2 hour!

Thankfully the apartment was warm and the hospitality amazing.  Their place is looking amazing after a facelift!  After a lovely meal, and lots of chit chats, and watching the movie 'limitless', I took the bus home!

Here's a photo I took at their place..  surprisingly it's not food this time ;)

Size matters not...  Look at me.  Judge me by my size, do you?

Enjoying the sunshine, away from the chilling wind... Ahhhh... 


Friday, March 30, 2012

15 year old YouTube living doll.. seriously?

Look what is on the news recently...

She's Venus Palermo (a.k.a Venus Angelic who's becoming an internet cult figure).  With her porcelain face doll like look, big blue eyes (even with dark blue circle, thanks to contacts) and white blonde hair she looks like a Japanese doll.  She even speaks with a babydoll Japanese Harajuku accent but in reality she lives in London and apparently speaks five languages, English and Japanese being one of them as she's lived in Japan for a few years, hence the obsession with Japanese culture.

The look is the Ball-jointed doll (BJD) which is popular in Japan (cue f*cked up dirty old men perving /obsessing over young preteen girls).  I've watched a few of her YouTube tutorial teaching her fans how to apply makeup to look like a doll.  She's definitely a pro at applying all those makeup, I'm quite envious!  She seems sweet and really cute but she's only 15 and that horrid baby voice... 

I love Japan and I enjoyed my visit to the Harajuku district and I love seeing all these teenagers (and even some middle aged women) dressed in lolita fashion everywhere in Tokyo (even at Disneyland) but for a mother to encourage her young daughter to do what this girl is doing?...  She's on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr..  I know mothers nowadays like to encourage their daughters passion and independence, but seriously, where do you draw the line?

I'm sorry, but this reminds me of a blow up doll, no?
She's really pretty and innocent looking

Some videoclips from YouTube:

I'm sorry, this is a bit... >_< ... Oh lord...

A&F hot shower scene clip.. O.M.G

Abercrombie & Fitch new clip - shot in black & white and opens with the following quote:

"Other sports require one ball.  Wrestling requires two."  

Pair this with a hot shower scene filled with... very wet, gorgeous, impressively muscled half naked guys wrestling, gazing intently at each other or broodingly at the camera..

O.M.G...  It's definitely hot, but definitely not for the hom*phobic.  I couldn't keep my eyes off this video... 

Check out the video clip here (if it hasn't been taken off yet!) - Just don't open it at work!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wall paper dresses.. Wouldn't you love to have one?!

Dresses made from wallpaper.  Not really wearable outside of a photoshoot, but gorgeous nonetheless.  I'll love to own one, wouldn't you?!

So cute!

Tulip Wallpaper - Just perfect for summer! ;)

Roses Wallpaper..  Very oriental and mysterious...  I love the folded bottom

Sometimes I wish I could blend into the wallpaper, so I can eavesdrop on conversation....
OK..  This is a bit too creepy looking..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The average aging process of asian women...

OMG.. How true is this???

We might look younger during our youthful days, but don't worry, we start looking worse for wear after a certain age..

I have to say I used to hate looking so young, thanks to my asian genes.  From earliest memory, when mum forced me to lie about my age when I was 16, so I can still eat as an under 12 at Sizzler..

When I was 17+, doing prac (as a teacher) for primary school education, I was in a room filled with 11 & 12 year olds and guess what, I was mistaken as one of the year 5 kids... *sigh*

Then, when I turned 25, I still looked underage... 16 I believe.  When I finally hit the big 30, I look like I'm in my early 20s.  I used to hate it so much and wish I could look older...

but now, being 34, I am quite thankful I still look young, but boy the metabolism has slowed down so much.  Big thighs and big hips is such an unusual sight for an asian woman, don't you think?

I used to laugh at friends mums and my own mother...  Their photographs showed them looking so beautiful and skinny when they were younger, but after a certain age, BAM..  They shrunk and ballooned out, and on top of that, they all have the same "aunty" haircut!

I guess I've still got a few more years before I start looking like that...  Something to look forward to, no??!!!  Oh dearie me...

Hello again, Stockholm... Look what I brought back?! Clothes? Shoes?? no.. it's food!

It's been a while, but here I am again!

We went back to Aus for Christmas and New Year, and stop over in Hong Kong for a few days.  It's mostly shop and eat there..

and I spent Christmas in Brisbane and New Year in Melbourne, and went back to Brisbane for a couple of months, spending time with my family..

Anyhow, after going from Stockholm-Hong Kong-Melbourne-Brisbane-Melbourne-Brisbane-Melbourne-Singapore-London-Stockholm (That's just from December to March)... Although, Singapore & London were just transit..  That was a damn long flight coming back.. Over 35 hours worth of travellingt;  I'm a bit over all these travelling around with my luggage, or should I say, luggages.  I don't pack light!!!

Anyhow, I could resist posting my haul..  People shop for clothes and shoes and what not... Me?  I buy food!!

These were from Singapore airport..  Bak Kwa(L) (It's freaking S$30+!  A few years back, I bought 2 to Aus and they got confiscated at the airport) and pineapple tarts(R)  

They were product of Malaysia.  They crumble and melt in your mouth.. yum!  4 went into my tummy while I took pictures!  They were originally for my friends in London (when I do pop over there) unfortunately, I just checked the expiry date and they were April 2012... Well.. Look like I'll have to eat them myself ;) )
Part of my food haul...  I'm a bit of an asian food addict, so, the shapes (at the top) were actually for S.  I had to bring 4 boxes for him

Red skin.. ahh.. I remember loving these when I was in High School..

Last, but not least, my pot of soup for tonight's dinner.  Pork rib soup, which has been simmering for a while!