Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hello again, Stockholm... Look what I brought back?! Clothes? Shoes?? no.. it's food!

It's been a while, but here I am again!

We went back to Aus for Christmas and New Year, and stop over in Hong Kong for a few days.  It's mostly shop and eat there..

and I spent Christmas in Brisbane and New Year in Melbourne, and went back to Brisbane for a couple of months, spending time with my family..

Anyhow, after going from Stockholm-Hong Kong-Melbourne-Brisbane-Melbourne-Brisbane-Melbourne-Singapore-London-Stockholm (That's just from December to March)... Although, Singapore & London were just transit..  That was a damn long flight coming back.. Over 35 hours worth of travellingt;  I'm a bit over all these travelling around with my luggage, or should I say, luggages.  I don't pack light!!!

Anyhow, I could resist posting my haul..  People shop for clothes and shoes and what not... Me?  I buy food!!

These were from Singapore airport..  Bak Kwa(L) (It's freaking S$30+!  A few years back, I bought 2 to Aus and they got confiscated at the airport) and pineapple tarts(R)  

They were product of Malaysia.  They crumble and melt in your mouth.. yum!  4 went into my tummy while I took pictures!  They were originally for my friends in London (when I do pop over there) unfortunately, I just checked the expiry date and they were April 2012... Well.. Look like I'll have to eat them myself ;) )
Part of my food haul...  I'm a bit of an asian food addict, so, the shapes (at the top) were actually for S.  I had to bring 4 boxes for him

Red skin.. ahh.. I remember loving these when I was in High School..

Last, but not least, my pot of soup for tonight's dinner.  Pork rib soup, which has been simmering for a while!