Sunday, January 29, 2012

One more hairband done...

January has been a month of celebration... so, firstly let me wish those who celebrates, a Happy Chinese New Year!  Gong Hey!  Gong Hey!!  Any red packets for me? ;)

We just had a 4 day working week last week (not that it makes any difference to me! ;) ) due to Australia Day..  I never ever wish anyone a Happy Australia Day as I believe it is still a sore topic to some, but let's not get too deep here..

I have been trying to create something the whole of last week as I've been busy handrolling some roses, but I don't think it's turning up too well.... but we'll see what happens when I finally finish with it.

Anyhow I decided to recreate the pink hairband I had in black for an order, but unfortunately, it came out differently...  I'm still tempted to name this Miss L, after the lady who actually made the order.  What do you think??

This satin hairband is in black.  Attached in a large flower (with a flower rhinestone) and 4 other flowers  - 2 (a medium and small) on each side of  the large flower.  Each has a little rhinestone attached in the middle.  Looks gorgeous on lighter coloured hair
I had to lighten the pictures as the black is too dark and I couldn't see the details properly
Sitting pretty on a mannequin head
Looks lighter in the picture, but it's raven black in colour
My last creation on black wig.. I think the red is quite a nice contrast to the black hair..

Anyway, till next time!!