Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm missing Stockholm...

Funnily, I think I'm missing Stockholm.  After whinging left, right and centre how glad I was to be home in Oz, I'm kind of missing my home in the cold...

I miss the comfort of my home, where there's just the two of us.  Me walking around in a top and my underwear around the house while it snows outside.  I miss S, I miss our bed, I miss my pillow.  I'm having bad shoulder and neckache at the moment.. sigh

I desperately miss all my tools and craft wares which I have painstakingly collected for months.  Now, I have to restart a smaller collection here.

Needless to say, I have got slightly busy this week in Brisbane.  The sweltering heat is.. UNBEARABLE!!  but look what I came up with!!

My little niece wanted a pink hairband when she caught sign of one I had in my 'treasure box'.  "I really like it, May yee yee (Aunty May)".  "I really really like it".   Talk about giving me a HUGE hint there =P  So, yesterday, I sat around and made one for her, while trying to give a lesson to her mum on how to make a rose.  Needless to say, after a few 'Are you blind?' 'Please don't waste my felt'.. We both concluded that I'm not a very good teacher as I have 0 patience and tolerance.. =P

Here's something for my niece...  She's so photogenic and is such a poser!

Little K painting her nails..
One of her cheeky smile..
Handcrafted headband..
 This afternoon, I decided to create another one, more for the adults... so, here's one on Miss Pee Pee (my head mannequin).  I love her, I can jab her with needles and pins and she wouldn't complain, but unfortunately she doesn't look as pretty as my niece!

Proud Miss Scarlett Hairclip - Large hairclip with satin roses and rhinestones with a peacock feather attached
Proud Miss Scarlett

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Until next time..