Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Craving for some ramen in Stockholm? Check out Ramen Ki Mama

I know it's supposed to be March and spring, but this week has been crazy here in Stockholm.  So much snow for the last few days, it actually feels like Christmas again.

On the other hand, what better way to warm up but slurping up some delicious ramen in their sweet sweet broth.  The huge helping makes it even better!

Ramen Ki-Mama
Birger Jarlsgatan 93  Stockholm
08-15 55 39

We came here for dinner but I was so hungry when the food arrived, I've only managed to take a picture of 2 dishes, which turned out to look quite similar.

Prices start from 115KR and we were recommended the noodle soup.  There were even wonton ramen and kim chi ramen... and the joint was quite full when we were there.

Shh..  The chefs are busy at work.  Check out those massive bowls
Interesting decor.  A massive whale with a king octopus siting on top of him? 
Shelah capturing the whale on her phone ;) 
Check out those HUGE plates.  As big as their trays!
This is the Shoyu Ramen - ramen in soy broth, pork, bamboo shoots, spinach, egg and 3 pieces of crispy seaweed (115KR)

Shio Ramen - ramen in sea salt broth, pork, bamboo shoots, spinach, egg and 3 pieces of crispy seaweed (115KR)
I give this place a big thumbs up as it was a big serving and simply delicious...  Although later, I was feeling quite thirsty, not sure about the rest of my group...

I wouldn't mind coming back for the kim chi ramen though!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Fascinators

Been a while since I've updated.  I have been a busy bee with all the travelling but now I'm back in cold Stockholm.

Have made a few fascinators since I came back..  They are all done by hand.. >_<

Black woollen fascinator with silver studs

Cream Italian lace on cream sinamay with rhinestones

Hand stitched a few extra floral laces on top for some 3D effects

Black woollen fascinator on buckram with silver screw on spikes

Have to say these lots took a while, especially the spikes!  Firstly had them just on the wool, but the spikes were really heavy, so I had to block buckram and added another dimension so it looks more sturdy.  Actually quite happy with my fascinators

Definitely will be making more spikes and studs =)

Till later!