Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steam Fish!!

Bought a seabream from hemk√∂p (at Gamla Stan) today.  I feel so excited.  (I know, so sad right?!)  There's actually so many different varieties here in this supermarket!

Our Sea bream!  for KR159/KG (which is roughly AU$24.00/kg)

So, yay to steam fish with lots of coriander, shallots and ginger.  I hope it works well as I'm opening my new box of rock sugar!

Will write more after we have tasted it! hehe!



How does one become so bitter with such young age?  I'm hoping I do not go through that path, or perhaps I'm already on that particular path.

I had a friend whom I knew for a few years, but when I left Australia for London, during one of our conversation with her (or was it when I went back to Oz for a holiday) she mentioned repeatedly how all her good friends are pushovers and that is why she gets on so well with them - Namely Me.  From then on, I think my end of the relationship with her soured slightly.

and I did the biggest biggest of betrayal... I contacted her ex while I was in the country where he was.. to help me with meeting up with a contact for a factory when I was there - not to meetup with him for a good time, but to help me when I needed it. (although he didn't ended up going with me and my contact person, we did meet up)  My fault for not realising this is the person who so gleefully told everyone how much of a pushover I am. Let's us not forget this is the person who 'boycotted' anything 'Singaporean' during my first couple of years of knowing her because her then ex was Singaporean...  Bitter, anyone?

Last year, when I went home to Australia, I've actually debated if I should informed her.  After discussing with a couple of mutual friends, I decided to perhaps tell her a little later during my time in Oz.  Unfortunately, circumstances prevented.  Namely, I was living for a couple of months at her place, and then I was busy searching for job, and started work and also, she was busy cutting certain friends from her life at that time.  Two within that one or two months as they decided to go out/date her 'fuckbuddy' at that time.  So, I thought, maybe not now, much later...

But of course things do tend to come and bite me on my ass when I'm being naughty.  Yes,  she found out, and all hell broke loose, and she broke off all contact with me, starting on.. *cough* Facebook.  Yep, not a 'Good Bye' or 'So Long'.  Just a huge bitching on her status, and next thing I was *deleted* from her Facebook.

For some reason I was thinking about her this morning, and this brought back all the memories - good and bad.  I've known her for quite a while - since her first year in Melbourne, I think totally 5 years or more.  Shame I know.  Considering we were quite good friends (or so I thought at that time).   Keeping her company when she had to go places - dentist (running around catching the train and bus), getting S to take us over an hour journey to pick up her precious cat when she first bought him... You know, little things, trying to organise her a special gift on her 30th, while I was all the way in London while her Melbournian friends were so much close by and noone thought about it.

I admitted I was in the wrong, and I shouldn't have done what I've done, but if I had known anyone else there, I would have approached them, rather than her ex.  That's one thing I've never done before until that day - contacting a friend's ex, but I guess what is done is done.

It still buggers me that I've tried approaching her - twice to apologize, but I never heard a word from her. So, I did the best thing I had to do, I cut her out from my life too.  I guess life goes on.

I just need to swallow my bitterness about the whole affair.  Considering what I had to put up with since my childhood, sometimes I wonder if I'm actually alright.  I think I look alright, and I 'try' to behave alright, but who knows right? =P

Let me pop a nice sweet candy in my mouth to get rid of the bitterness that is swelling up..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fathers and their children in Sweden

At 3pm this afternoon, I took a walk down my street to the grocery store and guess what I saw?  2 men with 4 little kids in tow.  3 kids under the age of 6 and a baby in one of their arms while the other man was pushing the pram.

I'm not sure if they were partners or just friends out and about with their kids.  To be honest, I see babies everywhere here in Stockholm.  Not just with their mothers but with their fathers (I'm talking about afternoons during the weekdays)  This is pretty much the norm here in Stockholm.  I tend to see fathers out and about in the afternoon, with their babies in the prams.  Instead of mothers group, I presume these are fathers group.

Sweden's paternity leave is one of the best in the world, not surprisingly as their tax is extremely high.  With the standard of living here so good I'm pretty sure the work force here is much less stressful compared to the rest of the world.  Less stress = more time for acrobatics in the bedroom.  Work, Life, Balance..  That's Sweden for you...

p/s  Sweden also has one of the highest divorce rate in the world...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Alcohol, alcohol, where for art thou?

Stockholm is not a place to indulge in alcohol drinking.  For someone who has very low tolerance of alcohol, it usually doesn't bother me too much....

Alcohol is relatively expensive here in Stockholm and unlike most countries where you could get some form of alcohol from the supermarket down the street, you have to get your alcohol from the state operated monopoly chain, Systembolaget.  The opening hours are 10am - 6pm weekdays and on Saturday, they are open from 10am - 3pm!  You'll also need to be at least 20 years of age to purchase alcohol.  Their website stated that it existed to minimize alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without profit motive.

hmmph..  Not only is alcohol monopolized here, but it's extremely expensive and the funny thing is, I have seen drunkard people on the street side before 10am on a weekday. (Systembolaget is not open until 10am)

To top it off, they are not allowed to sell alcohol chilled.  Imagine on a hot summer day, (where in Australia we could just get cold chilled beers from drive thrus) you, running off to the shops to get some alcohol just 10 minutes before your party, and you have to wait for a few hours before your alcohol are chilled.

What really annoys me is you can't even get a bottle of chinese rice wine from the asian grocery store.  I tried the other day as I was running up and down the aisles looking for Shaoxing, but was told they were not licensed to carry any alcohol.  God forbid! *sobs*