Sunday, June 1, 2014

Paris in summer...

Hanging out on our second hotel's balcony and catching the sunset in Paris is.... simply magical....

We were away in Paris for 3 nights, just last week but as we both arrived late in the evening on our first day and left quite early on our 4th day, we officially only had time in Paris for 2 whole days.  It was wet and cold, but so charmingly Paris.  Reminds me of the film "Midnight in Paris" (which I advise everyone should watch.  It'll make you fall in love with Paris, if you haven't already)

We both have visited Paris separately before and was here last Christmas, after our snowboarding trip.  Unfortunately, due to injuries, my boy couldn't walk and we spent the days in Paris either sleeping in the hotel or travelling from A to B by cabs.

So, this time round, we visited some of the places I visited when I first came here with a friend, back in 2008 and we went back to the seafood restaurant which we didn't properly enjoyed from our last trip here =)

We spent two nights at Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's Hotel which is just a short stroll to Trocadero metro station.

The boutique hotel with a LV lift.  The lift is tiny and once inside, you'll feel like you are inside a LV trunk, which is both cool and frightening at the same time... But I love it =)  The concierge is so friendly and extremely helpful.. Heck the reception people are extremely helpful!  Love this little treasure place!

Our hotel room is cozy but still loads of space for us two and our luggages

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