Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm a year older today.. Makes me reflect about what I have and haven't done.. It's like my whole life flashes before my eyes. Using rewind on my remote control.. Rewind last year, the year before.. Shit! I haven't really done much have I? I'm still in the confused state, somebody else's priority always come first. What happened to the young me who decided to change her life and pack up and leave when she was in her 20s and again when she was in her 30s.. Is it too late for her now?

Today I'm reflecting about how much more sacrifice I'm willing to do before I tell myself to stop.. Pretty deep shit hey..

I keep thinking I'll settle for less now as I'm no longer a spring chicken but you know what? I'm not really that old.. After all life really begins at 30.. But for me it's 34!!

Happy Birthday to me! Time to move on with life and put myself first..